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Dear Lexington Supporters and Friends,

As we celebrate 60 years of providing programs and services to adults and children with disabilities, there has never been a more important time for you to become a member of Lexington. The challenges we face today may be greater than any time in our history as we confront funding cuts, changes in regulations and new mandates. Thanks to our members, Lexington remains strong, even in the face of these challenges. But there is more work to be done.

In 2013, our membership grew 145% from 1,050 to 2573 members, giving us two additional seats on the NYSARC, Inc. Board of Governors. Our goal for 2014 is to increase our membership even more to 4,501 members which would give us six (the maximum number) seats on the board. This is incredibly important. The NYSARC Board of Governors has 150 members who represent the nearly 50 NYSARC Chapters in New York State, including Lexington. The board provides oversight to NYSARC, the parent organization, which has regulatory and best practices/operations control over each county chapter. It is important for Lexington to have a strong presence on this board so that we can have input on and help influence decisions that affect our operations and policies.

In addition to your own membership, you can also sponsor an individual we support to becomea member of Lexington, helping them advocate for their own needs. For just $5 you can sponsor one membership. For an additional $50, you can help 10 Lexington program participants become members. Please consider sponsoring some of more than 1,000 individuals we support.

There is strength in numbers. Help us grow even stronger. Please become a member of Lexington today.


Sandra Maceyka & Wally Hart
Membership Co-Chairs